Inspired by Milton's prized red stapler from the 1998 cult classic comedy "Office Space, " Red Stapler Records was originally formed as a vehicle for Washington DC indie rock band Gist to release their records under a record label moniker in the year 2000. After releasing the critically acclaimed CDs, "Pretest Retest" (2000) and "Art is Now Human" (2002), the band Gist began to establish themselves in the highly competitive Washington DC music scene.

As a result, Red Stapler Records expanded it's roster through simple "beer & handshake" deals with like-minded artists. By 2004, Red Stapler Records had released successful recordings by two additional Washington DC bands - Morris, and The Chance. In an effort to highlight the diversity and vitality of the Washington, DC-area underground music scene, the label released the compilation album at the end of the year, entitled "TPS Reports v.1." Emerging Washington DC artists such as Laura Burhenn, (Bright Eyes) Carol Bui along with Gist, Morris & the Chance were featured on the compilation. Red Stapler Records now had a diverse palette of music to offer including indie-rock, pop rock and even rap.

Through the rest of the 2000s, with the addition of the NRIs (Gist frontman Nayan Bhula's country/folk band) to its roster, Red Stapler Records continued to release well received recordings that have sold thousands of CDs and vinyl units. In 2011, with new artists on the roster, Red Stapler Records relaunched with a catalogue spanning even more genres of music, including rock, folk, punk and DJ/electronic music acts. Having recently expanded offices in San Francisco along with it's Washington DC headquarters, Red Stapler Records is constantly looking to expand its roster of talent and working to get great, diverse music to the masses on not only a local, but national level. Recent signings to the label include artists such as up and coming Washington D.C rockers Constant Alarm & San Francisco based DJs Phillyberg and Lil'Elle. For more information about Red Stapler's past and present, please visit www.redstaplerrecords.com.