Joshua Padgett
Steve Scarlata

"Ghost Light is not a conventional band by any means. The group's repertoire consists largely of experimentation with "natural noises," and there is no drummer. Most of their music has no lyrics, but any void is filled with hauntingly beautiful chords and powerful instrumentation." - Lizzie Hay, GW Hatchet

Ghost Light was formed in 2008 by Joshua Padgett (of The Chance) and Steve Scarlata (of The Mirror Script). Born from a love for noise rock, ambient soundtracks and post-modern classical music, the band was influenced equal parts by their heroes Sonic Youth, Iron and Wine, Gus Van Sant, Vincent Gallo, My Bloody Valentine, Brian Eno, Arvo Part, the Kranky label and Andy Warhol. Starting with improvised noise, the band soon moved onto writing fully evolved shoegaze ambient pieces, epic in nature and almost classically symphonic in structure. Ghost Light has played the Black Cat, the Velvet Lounge, and the Rock N Roll Hotel, winning over unsuspecting audiences with their powerful, cathartic live show. Backed by experimental visual projections, Ghost Light's live show is a journey into emotional oblivion, beautifully raw and overwhelming in the wall of pure sound. Their debut album "Ghost Light" was released digitally on Red Stapler Records in February 2009, and is available through iTunes and Amazon. They are currently at work on writing and recording their second full-length album.