Nayan Bhula
Fred Burton
Finley Martin

“...refreshingly creative take on angular guitar rock...” – The Washington Post

“What DC Stands For...” – The Washington Post Express

“...unbridled intensity...” – Valerie Paschall, DCist

“...heavy, conscientious, pure DC post-punk...” –Joel Sparks, OnTapOnline

"…the real appeal of Gist is their live show..." – Dan Corbin,

Relying on good hooks and songwriting, instead of gimmicks and gadgets, Gist has carved out its own spot in the formidably close-knit DC music scene as one of Washington, DC’s best live acts.

“Conversations, Expectations,” Gist’s newest full-length album, channels that notoriously high-energy live performance into a concise, substantive album that draws together aspects of new wave punk, classic rock and the well-known Dischord sound.

The album, recorded under the guidance and keen ear of Alan Weatherhead (Sparklehorse, Denali, Mono) at the Sound of Music in Richmond, VA, throws the contemporary wisdom of over-compressed faux-loudness out the window. Opting instead to give the subtle complexity of each song the room to breathe, “Conversations, Expectations” takes on characteristics and depth reminiscent of early REM or The Replacements.

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