Jim Campbell
Bryan Hollister
Matt Parthree

"The music forgoes fixed rhythms, traditional pop-song structure and the customary instrumental hierarchy. The result can be taut, unpredictable and exhilarating." -- Mark Jenkins, the Washington Post

“...DC Math-Rock meets the Muppets.” -- Carl Wagner, Running From Dharma

When Jim Campbell (PA) and Bryan Hollister (DC) began playing music together back in 1997, they had no idea they would spend the next decade trying to form a band! Sharing powerful indie-rock influences such as Shiner, Jawbox, Quicksand, and Kerosene 454, their sound quickly evolved into a precise, rhythmically changing mesh of post-punk and noisy math-rock.

Although actively playing with other bands, they continued collaborating with several talented musicians on the side, in hopes of putting together a final project. In 2005, Jim and Bryan decided to dive in as a two-piece under the name, Ximena (pronounced, he-men-uh). Using pre-recorded samples, sporadic vocals, and low frequency guitar loops to fill out the sound, they pushed their creative and musical abilities more than ever before, all while overcoming the challenges of living 2 hours apart.

Once friend and neighbor Matt Parthree (PA) joined the band on bass in 2008, the overall sound and forward momentum were instantly propelled. Since then, Ximena has shared stages with the likes of Don Caballero, Knot Feeder, and Jawbox on Cello (to name a few), and continues to bring their raw, intense live shows to venues throughout DC and Pennsylvania.

Ximena’s first self titled studio EP/LP was a long time in the making, as it reflects some of the band’s finest work from the years past and present. Reserve your copy today through Red Stapler Records or be sure to pick one up at their next live show!